I’m Elle Marrone, the artist behind Artifacts Everyday: ornamental art for the empowered body. My mission is empower humans to be body positive, playful and creative in their presentation.

Each unique artifact is a celebration of everyday lived experience. The designs reflect my lifestyle as a woman in motion and are informed by my background in urban policy, when I first pondered visual dialogue and synergy on a busy sidewalk or in a subway car. Each piece meet two criteria: 1) it sits well on a body in motion and 2) it sparks at least two conversations every day.

I work the colored polymer clay with techniques of painters, glassblowers, sculptors and weavers to achieve a new mashup style of art reserved for the most enticing canvas: the human body. In 2016, trauma triggered Alopecia and I lost all my hair. As a natural bald, my craft gives me new strength.

I host Wearable Art Workshops in which participants have the opportunity to awaken their creative potentials, forge meaningful relationships with neighbors and become empowered models of their own designs. If you’d like to find out more or to donate to the project, please contact me.

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